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SIC Hosts Annual Spotlight Day for Area High School Students

tudents were given the opportunity to look into Southeastern Illinois College’s Career Technical Education (CTE) programs by attending the Applied Technology Spotlight Day on Friday, Dec. 1. The event provided some hands-on experience in the multiple fields of study available.

Area high school juniors and seniors were invited to learn more participating programs such as; early childhood education, biofuels, cosmetology, information technology, welding technology, diesel technology, criminal justice and coal mining technology.

“The main goal of Spotlight Day is to engage area high school students interested in the field of Career and Technical Education,” Cox said. “This day allows students to learn more about a specific CTE program, and gives just a sample of what to expect when entering the program. By getting to have a little hands-on experience and more information on the program, it helps the student decide if that program is a good fit for them.”

Diesel technology instructor Ralph Boots believes that the spotlight day greatly benefits the programs, college and community.

“Students that may never visit our campus or are not even thinking about college get the opportunity to come and look at all SIC has to offer in a career and technical field,” Boots said.

Attending students listened to guest speaker Larry Chambers. Chambers works as the facilities and fleet manager for Pepsi Mid-America. He spoke on the outlook for the diesel mechanic industry as well as the future of the trucking industry.

“It was encouraging to hear him speak about the job outlook and growth potential for future technicians and presenting national stats to the group,” Boots said. “I was glad he shared the information about autonomous trucks and the continued changes in this technology, and that he spoke about the women that Pepsi mid America hires for these jobs and that it’s not just men that can become technicians.”

Boots, says that the CTE program is a major asset to the Southeastern Illinois region.

“Our CTE programs keep students engaged and enrolled who might not otherwise graduate high school,” Boots said. “They also help students prepare for their careers and become employable, which helps local business. Many communities are facing a growing problem: increasing skill gaps resulting in unfilled jobs and high unemployment. CTE programs help curb these problems.”

For more information on CTE programs contact Ben Ross at 252-5400 ext. 2248 or [email protected].