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SI SUPRT to Hold Meeting in White County Thursday, January 23rd; Seeking New Members

SI SUPRT (Southeastern Illinois Substance Use Prevention, Recovery and Treatment) a group who’s purpose is to seeks to prevent and reduce substance use and increase recovery supports by promoting community level change through collaboration, will be holding a meeting Thursday, January 23rd from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM at the Egyptian Health Department in Carmi and they are looking for individuals to join their council.

Teri Cain was a guest on WROY’s Open Line program recently and she explained what the meeting is about and who they are looking for to join the council.

“Our council has some required sectors in that we have to have people from substance use disorder counseling, mental health, and hospital representation. There are about 11 sectors that are required and we have those folks, but a big piece of who we need are and one of the requirements also are people from the community, but we could always use and by use I mean we would love to have the ideas from people in the community, people in recovery and in fact one of the goals of this whole program is to develop something called RCO (Recovery Community Organizaton) which is half of the members if we had a board as we would consider developing a board would have to be people with lived experience. 51% at least has to be more than half have to have that experience. That’s kind of a bigger piece as we get down the road but we really need people with lived experience. So coming to this meeting next Thursday, what it involves is that we are trying to, you know we have one council meeting in Saline County which serves Gallatin, somewhat as well because of the closeness proximity but we are finding that Eldorado where we have that Saline County meeting is just far enough from White County that we are not meeting the needs of White County. We are establishing kind of a new group. What they could expect at that meeting is to continue to work on those things we have identified that we want to work on.

For more information you can visit their facebook page sisubstanceusepreventionrecoverytreatmentcouncil or call Teri at 618-294-8322.

You can find the full interview with Teri on our website