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Sen. Righter on lack of state budget sent to Governor

“Democrats allowing the spring legislative session to end without a balanced state budget is beyond irresponsible. They appear completely content with taking our state into a financial black hole.

“Social service providers, students, schools, the vulnerable, countless organizations, and taxpayers are continuing to be held hostage by the political machine of the Democratic leadership who is in control of the legislative process.

“This, while they ignore a real and paid for budget proposal on the table that would help keep human services, public schools, higher education, corrections, and state government running while we continue to work toward a complete budget solution. It’s another sad day for Illinois.

“Passing a balanced budget is the most basic of concepts at the Statehouse, yet Democrats insist on scoring political points rather than doing what is right.

“Passing meaningful reforms, boosting Illinois’ economy, changing the structure of state government, and not spending more than what the taxpayers send to Springfield is what will move Illinois forward. Let’s get back to work and get something done this summer in a bipartisan fashion. Our state desperately needs and deserves it.”