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Sen. Righter issues statement after Gov. Rauner’s Budget Address

State Sen. Dale Righter issued the following statement as reaction to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s Budget Address Feb. 15.


“Let’s be clear, there are no easy solutions to Illinois’ dire financial problems,” State Sen. Dale Righter (R-Mattoon) said. “I appreciate the fact Gov. Rauner struck that tone in his budget address. While tough votes are needed to right Illinois’ fiscal sinking ship, the votes have to be the right decisions for the future of this state. They can’t leave us in neutral or worse, make us go backward.

“Whatever the solution, cuts and reforms must be the clear majority of the plan. The reason we are in this financial mess is because state government, for more than a decade, has spent more than what it takes in. A balanced budget solution must first demonstrate to taxpayers that the behavior of the past will not be the behavior of the future.

“I believe we can get there, but the solution must be bipartisan.”