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Roarin 20’s 2.0 Starting on a High Note in Illinois

Just in time for Happy New Year to turn to Happy Dope Day, the IDFPR (Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation) Tuesday announced 11 more same site, adult use cannabis dispensary licenses including one in Harrisburg at Thrive.  Wednesday, thousands of folks throughout Illinois lined up to legally purchase their recreational pot.  It’s reported that in Marion and The Harbory, folks began lining up before 5am and it wasn’t much longer before parking lots filled up throughout southern Illinois locations.  We sought out and received listener submitted reports, photos and videos from The Harbory, Thrive, and also Illinois Supply & Provisions in Collinsville.  Folks lined up in Collinsville were faced with a 4 hour wait as of 11:30am Wednesday.  Thrive, the closest location to our local listeners, is located at 105 Veterans Drive in Harrisburg and offers the website https://www.thriveil.com for those wanting to learn more.  They also offer a VIP text club by sending a message to 411669 to sign up.


While the White County Board voted to not allow a dispensary to open within unincorporated areas, the city of Grayville opted in though there’s no word at this point on any business applying for a license in the municipality.


Though weed is now legal to purchase and possess in Illinois, the state law doesn’t permit smoking recreational cannabis in public.  Pot can only be smoked legally within the confines of a private domicile or within commercial businesses in which on site is explicitly allowed via local law.  Those who don’t abide could find themselves facing citations and fines for smoking outdoors, even if it’s at a private residence.