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Retired White County educator to publish first book.

Connie Saunders, retired educator has completed a major item on her “Bucket List” by writing her autobiography and completing the publishing process. Connie became interested in writing her story about 2008 after attending a workshop in Florida about how to write your life story. A few pages sat idly in her computer while she began genealogy work searching her roots. That search took her to genealogy libraries not only in Carmi and Minnesota but as far away as Salt Lake City. After completing the four lines of her parents, she felt she was ready to begin with her childhood stories. The unusual title: I Was Born a Cowboy becomes real to the reader on the first page. The original manuscript’s purpose was to be primarily for her children and grandchildren.

However, in 2011, her story was again shelved as she faced serious health problems which changed the purpose of telling her story considerably. Connie had open heart surgery on November 9, 2011 to replace her aortic valve which was deteriorating with aortic stenosis. All went well and she and her husband, Art, left for Florida in late December with a clean bill of health. Thirteen weeks after the surgery, Connie had a health crisis in Florida. The new valve was closing off and robbing all of her body of much needed oxygenated blood. The first few days were touch and go and many local people may remember praying for her recovery. After 28 days in the hospital and seven surgical procedures, she left the hospital with a much different appreciation for her life and the story she wanted to tell.

Connie returned to her writing off and on for the next few years until she finally finished the manuscript last September and decided to have it published. So now the book, telling the story, not only of her life growing up the third child in a minister’s home, but of the miracle she experienced in being given extra time.

Connie is a former teacher in the Crossville School District and closed her career by working for Carmi- White County Unit 5 as the Gifted Education instructor and Coordinator of The Drug Free Schools Programs. She retired in 2003 and has spent her time between Carmi and Fort Myers Florida, watercolor painting, and now becoming an author.

She will be sharing her book for the public on August 3, 2017 with a book signing at the Carmi Public Library from 2-6. Signed copies of the book can also be ordered via e-mail at [email protected] . Discount price of $15 will be good the week of the signing.