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Outgoing White County Board member Mike Ray issues statement on election result

The following statement was issued by outgoing White County Board member Mike Ray at the close of the November 15th meeting of the White County Board.


“Sixteen years ago, I entered and won a Democratic Primary election against two worthy opponents, Sue James from Norris City and the incumbent Spud Poshard from Herald.  I then went on to win the general election that fall against Republican Ezra Millspaugh.  Winning those elections was a humbling event in my life.  I was elected by the citizens of Emma, Herald’s Prairie, and Indian Creek townships but was given the responsibility of representing all the citizens of White County.

I would like for you to know that it has been a great experience to serve on this Board and conduct business for the citizens of White County.  I have always tried to make every decision for the benefit of the citizens of the county.  Every question that I asked was asked in the interest of fiscal responsibility.  I think that my insistence on controlling expenses, questioning purchases, and requiring more efficiencies sometimes lead to friction with other elected officials and employees, but I felt that it was my duty because the taxpayers deserved it.  I know at times that my inquiries were not taken kindly, but I felt like that was what the citizens elected me to do.  I think it would be safe to say that everyone in County Government would agree that I am a very conservative Democrat.  Maybe at times too conservative, and if you consider that a fault, I apologize, but have no regrets about it.  I definitely am not a left wing liberal that shares the current views of the National Democratic Party.

Last week’s election was a humbling experience also.  Having ran many times unopposed since 2000 coupled with the fact I have made some people unhappy over the last few years by insisting on fiscal accountability, led to an opponent for this fall’s general election.  We just experienced a Republican landslide in our County as well as in all rural counties throughout the state and nation.  Voters were ready for a change and I got caught in the middle of it.

I take this loss as a bump in the road and an opportunity to take another fork in the road.  One person told me that it could be a blessing in disguise and I believe that could very much be the case.  I believe that God has some other things in store for me.  This is going to provide me with the time to pursue other interests.

I want to thank all of my supporters over the years.  I hope that I have not let you down.  I especially want to thank my family, employees, appointed and elected officials of County Government, and citizens of my district as well as the entire county.  I would like to express my gratitude for having had the opportunity to serve you for 16 years.  This is something that few people get to do in their lifetime and I thank you for it.”


Mike Ray