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New CWC staff introduced at Thursday’s Kiwanis meeting


Pictured L-R: Adam Cross, Laura Simpson, Suzy Tomm, and Hannah Roe (Not Pictured: Bethany Scates)

The new Carmi-White County school district staff was presented to the Carmi Kiwanis club during the weekly luncheon on Thursday.  Mr. Brad Lee, district superintendent, introduced the administrators of each building. Each administrator discussed the events in each building as well as introduced any new faculty.

Cindy Hoskins, Brownsville Principal, has begun her final year in the school district.  Brownsville School is grateful for the National School Lunch Program grant that they received for a kitchen remodel.

Dr. Amy Dixon, principal of Lincoln and Jefferson Attendance Centers, introduced two new educators Laura Simpson, K-4th grade social worker, and Suzy Tomm, 3rd grade special education.  Laura is dually employed by the school district and Egyptian Health Department.  Simpson discussed her enthusiasm to provide services to the students in the school district.  Suzy was employed by the district in October 2016 as a special education teacher at Lincoln Attendance Center.  This school year she has transferred to Jefferson Attendance Center.  Suzy is a Carmi native and transferred to Carmi-White County school district from Grayville.  The club enjoyed her story about falling in love with a farm boy who won first place at the International Science Fair, to living in Hawaii, and coming back to White County to raise their two children on the family farm.

Dr. Dixon went on to share her excitement about the new science curriculum for the district.  Dixon expressed that science is the highlight of some students day.  She wanted to extend her thanks to Mrs. Lacey Moore, Dean of Students, for the help that she provides at both Lincoln and Jefferson.

Mrs. Amy Attebury, Washington Attendance Center Principal, was unable to attend Thursday’s meeting, but Mr. Lee announced that Bethany Scates, also unavailable to attend, was hired as the Pre-K teacher.  Scates previously worked for WOVSED and also taught Pre-K in another school district prior to her employment at Carmi-White County.

Mr. Bart King, Junior High Principal, has 190 students in seventh and eighth grade this year.  He is excited about teaching the students about the social aspect of life.  This includes how to startup a conversation and the importance of a handshake and eye contact.

Mr. Jarrod Newell, high school principal, introduced two new teachers.  Adam Cross, science teacher, is a Dahlgren, Illinois native.  He is a recent graduate from Southern Illinois University.  He is familiar to many people because of his enjoyment of high school basketball refereeing.  Hannah Roe, industrial tech teacher, is a 2013 graduate of University of Illinois and a recently earned her masters from Oakland City University.  She is proud that she is not the stereotypical vocational teacher.  She hopes to recruit females into the vocational department where they can learn valuable skills.  Mr. Newell stated that there are 365 students, over 50 staff, 70 courses, and 30 Athletic and Extra-Curricular activities.

Mr. Lee wrapped up the meeting with announcing that the state Office of Comptroller is releasing the first aid payment this week.

In other club news, Peanut Day will be this Saturday, September 9th, club photo day is October 19th, and  Legion of Honor day is November 30th.  Brooke Walters was the winner of the 50/50 drawing.  The meal was prepared by Yesterday’s.