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Move Over Law Will Be Enforced

Move Over Law Will Be Enforced


Illinois State Police is cracking down on drivers who violate the state’s “Move Over” law.


ISP reports 10 squad cars have been hit in 2019 alone, an unusually high number.

The accidents also resulted in the death of Trooper Lambert, who was struck and killed while working on the scene of an accident.


That has prompted ISP to take new measures to enforce Scott’s law, which mandates drivers move over if they see a car stopped on the shoulder.

At traffic stops, you will likely now see two squad cars.

One trooper will park behind the stopped vehicle, and another trooper will hide in front, “waiting and watching for vehicles that violate Scott’s Law,” according to a release from ISP.


Greg Miller, a trooper for District 13, says this isn’t a trap, it’s an attempt to make the roads safer.

“Its not only just ourselves who are out here on a daily basis but its for anybody out there,” Miller said. “We don’t want mom, dad, brother, sister, whoever it is out there on the side of the road changing a tire and someone strike them while they are broke down.”


In Illinois, a ticket for not moving over includes a mandatory court appearance.

Offenders could also face a fine up to $10,000 or suspension of their license.

Miller says it’s easy to avoid all of that.

“Look on down the road if you see flashing lights, make sure and be aware you may have to shut off your cruise control for a second and make that adjustment,” Miller said. “Anytime you see a vehicle, you need to be slowing down.”


ISP hopes these extra details remind people to slow down, move over and proceed with caution.

In Illinois, the Move Over law include all vehicles displaying hazard lights, not just emergency vehicles.