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Letter to the Editor from Starks, Sheriff’s Department Employee Puts County Board in Crosshairs Over Budget

Dear Editor,

I want to Congratulate Sheriff Doug Maier on earning another four years. It has been my privilege and honor to work for Doug for the last four years. He and his team are indispensable to our County. I will admit I am one of those citizens who took for granted that they would be there if I needed them I had no idea how much the Sheriff and his Deputies have to put up with on a daily basis. I have been truly amazed at what they have to deal with each day, the good, the bad and the ugly. At the end of the day after working a horrific accident, domestic dispute or parenting someone’s child they get little thanks or appreciation. What they get is a County Board who condemns them in the press or with a budget cut so bad the Department cannot run as it should. This is shameful.  Walk in their shoes for a week and see how valuable these men are to the community.  Sit at the Thanksgiving table this year with their families while they are at work, watch their children open Christmas presents while they are at work. Doug, his team and their families deserve praise not hidden agendas and repercussions from a County Board which has no idea what it means to be a law enforcement officer. The County Board’s current proposed budget will cut the Sheriff’s budget. Their goal is to force the Sheriff to layoff two deputies. This is unacceptable. Our deputies are currently spread too thin. They patrol the whole county alone and they do a fantastic job. They are the best at what they do. They see people at their worst moments and handle every situation with compassion, professionalism and dignity. In this very dangerous day and age we need more law enforcement not less.  I am writing this letter because I was to taught to stand for the things that matter. In this case service and protection of our community is what is at stake. I believe the layoff of deputies will put the citizens of our community in grave danger. I urge the citizens of White County to call their board member and ask them why they want to leave you and your family unprotected. The next County Board meeting is scheduled for November 13th at 7 pm at the Courthouse. The proposed budget will be on the agenda.

Back the blue. Pack the house.


Kari Starks