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Hoskins Honored as Educator of the Year by Carmi Kiwanis

She began her career as an aide at the middle school and then became a special education teacher there.  She was also cheerleading Hoskinssponsor at the middle school before moving to Brownsville to teach high school students.  Her colleagues wrote that what is most clear about Cindy Hoskins is her unwavering dedication to putting her students and what’s best for them first in all capacities and regards.  Hoskins was honored Thursday as the 49th ever Educator of the Year by the Carmi Kiwanis Club.

Hoskins described herself as shocked and speechless.  She called it humbling because as she puts it, “there are a lot of people in our school district and community that do more than I do…but it’s a great honor and I thank you for this.  It’s been an honor and my privilege to serve this school system.”

As is customary at the Educator of the Year meeting, school Superintendent Brad Lee gives a report on the state of the school district.  He thanked the school board members including President Tom Scates, Kelly Chapman, Andy Acord, Pete Fulkerson, Brent Hammel, Keith Hoskins, and Barb Mitchell.  Through cuts and reductions, Lee says there are only 5 building administrators now, down from 8.  There are 201 employees within the district, down from 244 five years ago.  Couple that with 105 more students, up from 1,300 to 1,405 in five years and Lee says they’re “doing the best we can.”  There is still no budget and while Lee calls it unthinkable that lawmakers wouldn’t work something out before FY 2017, it’s possible that if not, the school district would only have enough funding to start the school year and operate for a few months.

Brownsville will graduate 13 this year and 78 Carmi White County High School seniors have received their diplomas.  For the first time in recent memory, there are no certified staff retirees this year.

The Carmi Kiwanis Club will be announcing the Corn Day theme soon.  Thursday was the deadline for nominations.  Madison Botsch was recognized as receiving the Carmi Kiwanis Club scholarship at Awards Day on Monday, May 16th.  The club will induct 5 new members in the coming week or two.  A preinduction meeting is planned for June 1st.

The full list of Educator of the Year recipients:

1968…Floyd Cotter

1969…John Evers

1970…Beulah Huber

1971…Wave Jamerson

1972…Marie Harrawood

1973…Charles Hortin

1974…Adamae Roosevelt

1975…Faye Mitchell

1976…Mike Croghan

1977…Ernest Fechtig

1978…Dean Hughes

1979…Bill Duncan

1980…Bernice Dartt

1981…Mary Maze

1982…Peggy Huff

1983…Ted Matsel

1984…Larry Busch

1985…Simon Naas

1986…Don Dixon

1987…Ken Hurt

1988…Steve Martin

1989…Steve Bell

1990…Cindy Martin

1991…Trudy Jacobs

1992…Dale Medlin

1993…Don Kittinger

1994…Nancy Gher

1995…Alice Bryant

1996…Don Garrett

1997…Dave Johnson

1998…Betty Brown

1999…Molly Rawlinson

2000…C. Dean Hughes

2001…Kenneth Brown

2002…Dr. Frank Barbre

2003…Jack Russell

2004…Larry Gwaltney

2005…Melanie Allyn

2006…Judy Gaines

2007…Cindy Colman

2008…Cathy Wilkey

2009…Sharon Martin

2010…Sharon Whitsitt

2011…Judy Warrick

2012…Teresa Hon

2013…Terry Gholson

2014…Barbara McArthy

2015…Joan Wallace

2016…Cindy Hoskins