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Here a Chicken, Everywhere a Chicken

Chickens, Chickens and Chickens


Urban farming, self sufficiency…call it what you want, but to Minerva Lovell it’s just a good thing to do.

Lovell appeared before the Carmi City Council Tuesday night asking about the city ordinance covering “livestock” in the city limits.

She explained she has chickens, and recently was asked about the fowl by the local animal control officer.

Lovell explained she gets eggs from her small flock of about 5 hens and few chicks, along with manure to fertilize her large garden. And, as she explained the added benefit of bug control, as she lets the chickens free range behind a chain link fence.

Apparently the chickens are okay with her neighbors and Lovell asked the city about updating the ordinance pointing out that Carbondale has a chicken ordinance as does Chicago.

Following a brief discussion, Mayor Pollard said the matter would be looked into and brought back to a future council meeting.