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Grayville City Council reduces number of zoning board members

The Grayville City Council met on Monday night to close out August, and following a 30 minute executive session, delayed action on most of the agenda until later dates.

City Attorney Jay Walden explained that the lengthy session was in regards to requests from third parties and local businesses about property in the I-64 Plaza, and that he would begin drafting options for the Council to present to the interested parties, but no action would be taken at this time.

The Council also put off the hiring of a new Street Department employee until more interviews could be conducted.  Applications for the position will continue to be accepted until 4pm Monday, August 29.

The Council did approve a motion to reduce the required panel of the Zoning Board from 7 to 5 members, as they are having trouble finding residents to fill the vacant spots.  Currently, the Board only has four members.

Mayor Bisch informed the Council that since no tax money is being used at the new downtown park, prevailing wage laws regarding donated labor do not apply, according to information received from the IML.

The mayor also told the Council that the City is continuing to explore options on a new time clock system for City employees, but no action was ready to be taken at this time.

The meeting time for the Council meeting on September 12 was moved from 7pm to 4pm, so members could attend a meeting in Mt. Carmel that night that will discuss water departments with several communities and Rural Development.

Commissioner Jordan reported oil income totaled $589.99.  Commissioner Brock will be submitting a list of properties that employees are having a hard time accessing meters for reading, and reminded residents that LIHEAP applications will be taken by WADI starting September 1.

The meeting adjourned at 7:40pm.  The City Council will meet again on September 12 at 4pm.