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Grayville City Council awards bids for demolition and water projects

The Grayville City Council met for the second time in June on Monday night.  Following approval of the consent agenda and the Treasurer’s report, the Council heard from members of the Grayville Athletic Association about concerns and improvements at the ball diamonds at the City Park.

Improvements to the bathrooms are already in the plans for the Park, as are new bleachers, but concerns about water outlets, dugouts, and the backstops will all be investigated by the Council, and considered at a future meeting. The Council will also look into transferring ownership of a shed by the basketball court to the Association, who will make needed repairs to the roof.  The bathrooms currently near the ball field will now be locked when there are no games being played.

The Council approved a bid from Guisewite Construction of $15,320 to demolish the March Building, and a bid of $2500 from Lamont Construction to demolish a building on W Spring Street.

Kieffer Brothers was awarded bids on both the water well construction project and the new water line installations.  Rural Development is allowing the City to use remaining funds from the sewer project on the two new projects.  Bids were $129151.25 on the water lines, and $315,650 for the well project.

The Council approved a bid from Straeffer Pump & Supply to repair the 7 ½ horsepower pump at the sewer lagoon as a back-up, and purchase a new 10 horsepower pump at a total cost of $7470.

The Edwards County Hazard Mitigation Plan was approved unanimously and a public hearing for the Rural Development Community Facilities Grant was set for July 10th at 6:45pm at City Hall.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm, and the Grayville City Council will meet again on July 10th at 7 pm.