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FMH expanding Horizon Healthcare into Cisne area

Pictured is the team for the Horizon Healthcare Clinic that is opening in Cisne in early 2018: Amber Howard, CNA; Jessica Lane, RN; Marla Lafikes, M.D.; Sherry Mewes, APN, FNP; Liz Molt, CNA, Office Coordinator; and Hollie Barrett, RN, BSN, Director of Physician Practice

Fairfield Memorial Hospital has announced the expansion of Horizon Healthcare, a primary care practice, into the community of Cisne.  The office will be located at 413 Park Street and will open in early 2018.


“We are pleased to be offering primary care services to this community. This location will ensure they have access to quality healthcare delivered by compassionate providers and a thriving Hospital that they already know and trust. We believe the community of Cisne and the surrounding area will consider this new clinic their medical home as we seamlessly strive to serve patients and provide the area quality, friendly, and comprehensive healthcare.  This location is close enough to our main campus, but in a region of our service area that desires convenient access to quality care,” stated Katherine Bunting-Williams, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Fairfield Memorial Hospital.


The team that has been carefully comprised to care for those who make this medical home will include:


Marla Lafikes, M.D.

Marla Lafikes, M.D., who serves as the Medical Director of Horizon Healthcare, will be seeing patients at both Fairfield and Cisne locations. She is a family medicine physician who sees patients of all ages.  Dr. Lafikes earned her Medical Degree from the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield and completed her family medicine residency at Deaconess Family Practice Residency Center in Evansville, IN, in May of 2011.  She joined Horizon Healthcare in August of 2011 and has built a strong patient base over the years.  In September 2016 she took over the responsibility as Medical Director of Horizon Healthcare.


“I am extremely excited to be taking on this new opportunity to assist Fairfield Memorial Hospital in expanding our care community by opening this new satellite clinic.  We continue to defy the odds put against us in the current healthcare landscape through our partnerships and strong community support and our services are only going to continue to be enhanced,” stated Marla Lafikes, M.D.


Sherry Mewes, APN, FNP

Sherry Mewes, APN, FNP who recently joined Horizon Healthcare, is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who sees patients of all ages. Nurse Practitioner Mewes has spent time during her professional training with Marla Lafikes, M.D., Medical Director at Horizon Healthcare.  NP Mewes earned her Masters of Science in nursing from the University of Southern Indiana. She also spent clinical hours during her professional training working in other physician offices in primary care and orthopedics, along with working with OBGYNs and pediatric newborn care units at larger hospitals. In addition, Sherry has over seven years of experience in emergency care where she gained valuable knowledge.  Some of her nursing experience in the Emergency Department also occurred at FMH.  Nurse Practitioner Mewes is a native of Albion, IL.


“I am looking forward to caring for the community of Cisne.  As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I am going to love caring for the smallest newborns to the notable people of the greatest generation within my practice. I especially enjoy caring for families, because I take pleasure in helping parents focus on their wellness, while also managing the overall wellness of their family. I am excited to be part of a team of providers that continually provides the highest quality of care to my home community,” stated Sherry Mewes, APN, FNP.


Jessica Lane, RN

Jessica Lane has been a Registered Nurse for seven years and has been working at Fairfield Memorial Hospital for since 2005.  She has worked in several clinical settings working with individuals of all ages while working on the Med/Surg Unit, Skilled Care Unit, and Home Health.  She is a native of Cisne and is excited to be caring directly for those in her hometown.   Jessica will be an advocate in first line of communication between the provider and patients. She will handle many tasks including prescription refills, referrals, follow-up phone calls, and will field general questions patients may have regarding their health.


Amber Howard, CNA

Amber Howard, CNA, is a native of Mt. Erie and has been working at Fairfield Memorial Hospital over the past two years.  She is currently working in the Horizon Healthcare clinic doing on-site training as she awaits the opening of the Cisne location.  She will be serving as the Patient Access Representative and will be the first smile you will see at the clinic.  She will be assisting Jessica Lane, RN with patient flow and is also cross-trained to draw blood for lab work that will be ordered at the clinic. Amber will be readily available to schedule appointments and help in finding answers to any questions patients may have.


Liz Molt, CNA, Office Coordinator

Liz Molt serves as the Office Coordinator for Horizon Healthcare and coordinates business office procedures and actively ensures patient satisfaction is being met. She works closely with business office staff, the nursing team, and medical providers, under the direction of Hollie Barrett, to ensure good communication flow among the care team. She will continue assisting with these processes as the Cisne location becomes a direct arm of Horizon Healthcare. Liz is excited about being part of this expansion as she was the second employee hired upon the opening of Horizon Healthcare when they opened in 2008. She has been actively involved with the Cisne community over the last 20 years, with family ties to the community she is excited to be part of this expansion.


Hollie Barrett, RN, BSN, Director of Physician Practice


Hollie Barrett, RN, BSN, has worked at Fairfield Memorial Hospital for seven years.  She has been part of the Horizon Healthcare team since 2011 and in management at Horizon Healthcare since 2013.  With nearly eight years of nursing experience and five years nurse management experience, she now serves as Director of Physician Practice.  As Director, she leads and directs the management of business and nursing at the Horizon Healthcare. She works to collaborate with the medical providers in order to maintain an efficient, welcoming atmosphere for patients to experience and be delivered the best medical care possible. Hollie is also experienced with the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) program, and is actively initiating a PCMH program within Horizon Healthcare to achieve site recognition, which puts patients at the forefront of care.