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FMH Celebrates Nuclear Medicine Week

Blaine Norton, MIS, RRA, RT®, CNMT, NMAA, ROS; and Jackie Pierce, CNMT, with the Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist with the Nuclear Medicine Imaging System at Fairfield Memorial Hospital

Fairfield Memorial Hospital took time this week to celebrate Nuclear Medicine Week, October 1-7.   Blaine Norton, MIS, RRA, RT(R), CNMT, NMAA, ROS and Jackie Pierce, CNMT, Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist, with NuMed, Inc., were provided recognition for serving Fairfield Memorial Hospital for twenty-one and seven years respectfully in the Nuclear Medicine Department.  Blaine and Jackie both would like to remind patients that Fairfield Memorial Hospital offers the most state-of-the-art Nuclear Medicine System available and they are committed to only providing the highest quality of care to the community members they serve.


What is nuclear medicine?

Diagnostic nuclear medicine is unique in that it documents organ function and structure. It can be used to study the function of a damaged heart or restriction of blood flow to parts of the brain. The liver, kidneys, thyroid gland and many other organs are similarly imaged.  Nuclear medicine specialists use safe and cost-effective techniques to image the body and treat disease. It is a way to gather medical information that would otherwise be unavailable, require surgery, or necessitate more expensive diagnostic tests. Nuclear medicine imaging procedures often identify abnormalities very early in the progress of a disease—long before many medical problems are apparent with other diagnostic tests.


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