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First Illinois Scholastic 3D Archery event of the year has big turnout

The first Illinois Scholastic 3D Archery (S3DA) Regional tournament of 2017 was held March 19th at Southern Illinois S3DA. Southern Illinois S3DA is located at 404 CR 1125E, New Haven, IL.

There were 7 S3DA clubs represented. Havana Outdoors, Southern Illinois S3DA, Wabash Bowhunters, Edwards County School, NCOE School, Gallatin County School and Hardin County School.

95 kids signed up to shoot and 85 score cards were turned in



Elementary Fixed Pins Female


Aly Williams        141    Edwards County

Paige Mosson        94    Edwards County

Bella Hall        82    NCOE

Brooklyn Campbell    15    NCOE

Lyla Bolin        10    NCOE

Lily Sanders        10    NCOE

Brooklyn Price         5    NCOE


Elementary Fixed Pins Male


Wyatt Landingham    196    Edwards County

Collin Monroe        196    Gallatin County

Grant Jackson        184    Gallatin County

Jacob Weber        174    Edwards County

Deegan Bearden    168    Edwards County

Blake Landingham    167    Edwards County

Maverick Moore    160    Edwards County

Ian McFarland        141    Edwards County

Kade Bond        136    NCOE

Rylee Richards    134    Edwards County

Noah Michels        134    Edwards County

Sawyer Woodrow    132    Southern Illinois S3DA

Aden Carney        131    Gallatin County

Cameron Pollard    125    NCOE

Riley Pearce        110    NCOE

Asa Cannon        106    NCOE

Grayson Wilson    104    Edwards County

Jett Hicks        97    Edwards County

Colton Delong        89    NCOE

Zeke Baumgaurt    78    NCOE

Logan Price        66    NCOE

Conner Graves    58    NCOE

Owen Russell        38    NCOE

Joshua Walters    38    NCOE

Matthew Walters    33    NCOE

Kamden Myatt        31    NCOE



Elementary Traditional Male


Wyatt Wells         82    NCOE


Elementary Open Male


Hayden Sauls        136    NCOE


Middle Fixed Pins Female


Alexis Johnson    144    Havana Outdoors

ZepplynFiala        135    NCOE

Bree Vollman        66    NCOE

Jerzi Sharp        64    NCOE

Haley Lange        63    NCOE


Middle Fixed Pins Male


Peyton Fallen        180    Edwards County

Ethan Wyatt        166    NCOE

Layne Whitley        163    Southern Illinois S3DA

Blake Brown         159    Gallatin County

Nathaniel Wilson    152    NCOE

Cole Roberson    127    NCOE

Sean Neal        123    NCOE

Conner Chappelle    112    NCOE

Morgan Pearce    108    NCOE

Krizten Arnold        103    Edwards County

Patrick Dilley        85    Edwards County

Tyler Woods         0    NCOE


Middle Open Male


Nate Garner        157    Southern Illinois S3DA


Middle Traditional Male


Colter Rister        116    NCOE


High Fixed Pins Female


Adriana Armstrong    202    Hardin County

KassiKetten        158    Hardin County

Krista Stanford    151    Hardin County

Kinzey Woodrow    137    NCOE

Alex Wallace        127    Hardin County

Jalyn Sharp        126    NCOE

Emily Dilley        105    Edwards County


High Fixed Pins Male


Kenny Raigner    214    Wabash Bowhunters

Audie Goebel        194    Gallatin County

Hunter Horton        191    Edwards County

Austin Marler        188    Hardin County

RayceMessman    187    Edwards County

Brayden Winters    185    Hardin County

Sean Lane         182    Hardin County

Bailey Sneed        181    Hardin County

Joe Orman        179    Hardin County

Isaiah Conkle        176    Hardin County

Drake Scherrer    175    Gallatin County

CJ Schroeder        169    Southern Illinois S3DA

Lincoln Moore        167    Gallatin County

Ty Lane        163    NCOE

Tyler Stanford        151    Hardin County

Wil Henson        151    Gallatin County

Sam Malone        143    Edwards County

Grant Bosaw        130    Gallatin County

Ryder Flener        130    Hardin County

Michael Phillips    126    Hardin County

Logan Arnett        124    Gallatin County

Seth Cannon        88    NCOE

Gage Winters        40    Hardin County


High Open Male


David Johnson Jr    185    Havana Outdoors



The Team Honors for the Southern Illinois S3DA Regional went to:

Elementary School Team Honors              Edwards County

Middle School Team Honors                       NCOE

High School Team Honors                             Hardin County

“This was a huge success. I was very surprised at the number of students that came out to shoot in this tournament. Last year the first Regional Tournament in Illinois consisted of 20 kids. With 85 kids at the first Regional of 2017, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the 2017 3D season brings. I want to thank all the kids and their parents for allowing me to be a part of this experience with them. I also want to thank the coaches that volunteer their time to help these young people in the field of archery.”Ricky Sauls, Illinois S3DA State Coordinator.

Scholastic 3D Archery is a non-profit organization that’s mission is to foster, educate and guide youth in the area of 3D, indoor and outdoor target archery. The program is entirely after school and it allows students the opportunity to learn about and grow their archery abilities in a safe and educational environment. Students compete in 3D archery tournaments across the state and country. Students also have a chance to earn college scholarships for their athletic performance. Scholastic 3D Archery has partnered with US Collegiate Archery Association to increase student exposure to existing college archery programs. S3DA has also partnered with the Pope & Young Club to develop the Clear Path Initiative to Bowhunting. This initiative teaches all S3DA students and coaches about safe and ethical bowhunting techniques and wildlife conservation. For more information, please visit us at


S3DA Indoor Nationals: Cincinnati, OH – March 17

Illinois S3DA 3-D Season – March 18 – June 18, 2017


Regional Tournaments

March 19                                  Southern Illinois S3DA                               New Haven, IL

April 1                                       Hardin County School                            Elizabethtown, IL

April 1-2                                    Panther Creek Bowhunters                            Chatham, IL

April 8                                       3D Extreme                                                           Pekin,IL

April 9                                       6 Mile Archers                                                  Hudson, IL

April 29-30                                Rack Attack                                                          Pana, IL

May 6-7                                    Wabash Bowhunters                              Mount Carmel, IL

May 20                                     Rigney’s School of Archery                          Springfield, IL

May 27                                     NCOE School                                                Norris City,IL

May 27-28                                Buckstop Archery                                      Brownstown, IL

June 3-4                                      Archer’s Alley                                                     Decatur, IL


June 10                                    3D Extreme                                                         Pekin, IL


JUNE 16-18                             Mermet State Park                                        Metropolis, IL