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CWCHS Volleyball suffers tough loss at Gallatin County

The freshmen split again tonight 23-25, 15-7 making them 3-3 splits on the season.  The JV won again 25-16, 25-18 making them 3-0 on the season.  The varsity lost another barn burner in 3 19-25, 25-18, 25-27 making them 1-2 on the season.
Freshmen Stats:
Marley Mallow had 10 pts with 4 aces
Hannah Anderson had 5 pts with 2 aces
Karson Kays had 4 pts
Nellani Sullivan and Taylor Sale both had 2 pts each
Karson had 26 good sets with 8 assists
Taylor had 1 good set and Marley had 1 good set
Katelynn had 4 good hits with 2 kill and 2 good tips
Nellani had 3 good hits with 2 kills and 3 good tips with all three of them resulting in kills
Alexis had 2 good hits with 1 good tip
Karson had 2 good tips and so did Marley
Katelyn had 1 good touch block and Marley had 2 good touch blocks.
Marley had 11 ogd digs
Karson had 3 good digs
Alexis Switzer had 2 good digs
Nellani and Katelynn Miller both picked up one dig each
JV Scorers:
Emily Brown led the scoring with 8 pts and 3 aces
Sydney Lucas had 7 pts with 2 aces
Mariah VanMatre and Mayci Edwards both had 6 pts with Mariah obtaining an ace
Kaylee Wagner had 2 pts
Bre Swanberg had 1 pt​
Emily had 50 good sets with 5 assists and 1 kill dump
Kaylee had 6 good sets
Bre had 12 good hits with 5 kills and 1 good tip
Mayci had 10 good hits with 1 kill and 5 good tips with 2 kills
Mariah had 8 good hits with 2 kills and 2 good tips
Sydney had 6 good hits, 6 good tips with 1 kill
Kaylee had 5 good hits with 1 kill and 2 good tips
Emily had 3 good tips with 1 kill dump
Bre:  2 direct blocks and 4 touch blocks
Mariah had 1 direct block and 3 touch blocks
Kaylee had 2 touch blocks​
Sydney led the digs with 9 good digs
Mayci had 8 good digs
Mariah and Marley both had 4 good digs
Kaylee had 3 good digs
Emily had 2 good digs
Varsity Scorers:
Bre Swanberg had 8 pts with 1 ace
Abby Vaughan and Grace Dial both had 7 pts with Abby getting an ace
Julia Smith had 6 pts with 2 aces
Shaelyn Perkins had 2 pts
Autumn Schneider had 3 pts with 1 ace
Marley Mallow had 1 pt
Grace had 97 good sets with 23 assists
Emily had 2 good sets
Shaelyn had 6 good sets with 3 assists
Abby had 2 good sets
Autumn and Bre both had 1 good set
Abby and Autumn both had 17 good hits apiece.  Abby had 3 kills, 7 good tips and 1 tip kill… Autumn had 9 kills, 11 tips and 1 tip kill.
Julia had 16 good hits with 5 kills, 6 good tips and 1 tip kill
Bre had 13 good hits with 7 kills
Shaelyn had 9 good hits and 2 tips
Autumn had 2 direct blocks and 10 touch blocks
Grace had 1 touch block
Julia had 1 direct block and 3 touch blocks.
Abby had 14 digs
Autumn and Emily both had 6 good digs
Sydney and Bre both had 5 good digs
Grace had 4 good digs
Julia had 3 good digs
Shaelyn had 2 good digs
Mayci had 1 good dig
We play Tuesday night at Flora, Wednesday and Thursday at the NCOE Varsity Tourney.