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Competitive Eating Contest Comes to Illinois State Fair

The Illinois State Fair is home to many things, giant statues of Abraham Lincoln, thrilling carnival rides, and blockbuster Grandstand concerts, and this year we are adding a Competitive Eating Contest to that diverse list.

This year, the Illinois State Fair is teaming up with the Springfield State Journal Register to host a Competitive Eating Contest each day of the Illinois State Fair.   In this contest, three contestants will go head to head to see who can consume the most food in five minutes.  All of the foods featured in this competitive eating contest are fair food favorites, including the winner of the annual Golden Abe’s Fantastic Fair Food Contest.

“The food is an important part of the Illinois State Fair and the State Journal-Register is excited to be part of this contest,” said Bryan Groves, Vice President of Consumer Sales and Marketing.  “This will be a unique way to highlight the traditional fair food and make people aware of all the fantastic food options at the Illinois State Fair.”

If you think you have what it takes to consume all of these delicious fair food calories, head to the State Fair websiteto register for your preferred competition.  These contests will take place at 3:00 p.m. each day on the new Rising Star Stage, located next to The Shed and across from Lincoln Stage.

Contest dates and food items are listed below:

Friday, August 11th– 3:00 pm – Watermelon

Saturday, August 12th– 3:00 pm – Corndogs

Sunday, August 13th– 3:00 pm – Cantaloupe

Monday, August 14th– 3:00 pm – Mini Donuts

Tuesday, August 15th– 3:00 pm – Sweet Corn – provided by Illinois Specialty Growers Assoc.

Wednesday, August 16th– 3:00 pm – Pork Chop Sandwich

Thursday, August 17th– 3:00 pm – French Fries

Friday, August 18th– 3:00 pm – Ribeye Sandwich

Saturday, August 19th– 3:00 pm – Golden Abe Contest Winner

Sunday, August 20th– 3:00 pm – Funnel Cake

As a reminder — As you are walking the fairgrounds this year be on the lookout for our Golden Abe award winners.  They will have signs posted at their concession stands showing off their Illinois State Fair accomplishments!  As you sample your way through these sweet, savory, creative and tasty concoctions, be sure to vote via our text message campaign on who you think is most deserving of the “People’s Choice” award.

The Illinois State Fair runs August 10 – August 20 in Springfield.  Start planning your visit today!   Information and updates are posted daily on Illinois State Fair website and mobile app.