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Carmi Police announce traffic detours for Corn Day begin Thursday

Corn Day 2017 is upon us again.  With that comes some Road Closures and traffic detour patterns to allow for safe travels for through traffic and pedestrians.

Church St. between Main and Cherry St. will be blocked beginning around 4:00 pm on Thursday 10-12-17 to allow for carnival rides to be set up.  Walnut St. between Main and Cherry St. will also be partially blocked on Thursday evening 12-12-17 to allow for the set up of the Main Stage.  The set traffic detour pattern will be in place starting at 3:00 pm Friday 10-13-17.  After 3:00 pm Vendors will begin setting up on Main St.

Vendors will NOT be allowed to set up prior to 3:00 pm due to State Regulations and traffic hazards.  Any vehicles parked on Main St between Main Cross and Jessup St. after 3:00 pm Friday are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.  No admittance is allowed during this time to any traffic other than vendors setting up. The detour traffic pa ttern will be the same as years past with the detour being from East Main St. to Locust, onto Cherry St., and then onto Oak St.

Any vehicles parked along the detour route on Locust and Cherry after 3:00 pm Friday are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.  These routes will be visibly marked with no parking signs and detour route signs.  This Detour will be in place until approximately 2:00 am on Sunday 10-15-17.

Please feel free to call the Carmi Police Department at 618-382-4633 with any questions regarding the established routes.

The Parade begins at 4:00 pm on Saturday 10-14-17.  At that time all traffic will be diverted at Main onto Fairground Road and then onto Oak St for the Detour around Main until such time as the parade is over.

Please remember that alcohol is not allowed to be taken outside of the bar establishments unless there is a secured area that is not accessible to the general public.  Further, NO alcohol is allowed in or adjacent to any street or alley or on or adjacent to the public sidewalks. This will be monitored and enforced with citations issued if necessary.  Please be responsible and mindful of your actions.

We hope everyone is able to attend and has a safe and enjoyable 2017 Corn Day!