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Carmi Man Jailed Following Burglary at Plum Street Pharmacy Sunday

A 29 year old Carmi man is awaiting formal charges after a brazen burglary at Plum Street Pharmacy Sunday morning.  Carmi Police responded to a Renshaw Avenue apartment following a call in that an individual had come across a large quantity of unattended medications by a path through the tree line at the end of West Webb Street toward Renshaw.

Officers found a large amount of blood on medication bottles labeled “Hydrocodone” with “Plum St Pharmacy” on a separate label attached to the boxes and bottles.  Officers then followed a trail of blood and medication bottles to the rear of Apartment 15 where they discovered an opened window, more blood and money.  A man was also observed inside the apartment and police requested him to exit.  He complied but denied any knowledge of the blood, medication or currency and refused to consent to a search of the apartment.

duffy-brant-10-17-16On his person, Police found the man, 29 year old Brant Duffy in possession of 2 bottles of Morphine Sulfate.  Duffy was placed under arrest while other responding officers descended on Plum Street Pharmacy.  There, they found two separate locations of forced entry along with a large amount of blood both inside and outside the property.  Additionally, bloody burglary tools were located hidden in the tree line behind the apartment along with more medication bottles and boxes.

An as yet undetermined amount of currency was missing from the business as well as the medications.  A search warrant was obtained for the apartment Duffy was located within and officers collected several other items as evidence.

Duffy is behind bars currently at the White County Jail on charges of Burglary, Felony Criminal Damage to Property, Felony Theft, and Possession of a Controlled Substance.  States Attorney Denton Aud is expected to file formal charges Monday morning.  The Carmi PD was assisted in the investigation by Aud and the White County Sheriff’s Department.

Plum Street Pharmacy owner Andy Gee says the business will be closed on Monday.