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Carmi City Council Recap 8/6/19

Carmi City Clerk Cynthia Attebury made a mistake leaving off the public hearing that was on the agenda sent to area newspapers.  The agenda the radio station received did have planned public hearing.  Still yet, the oversight led the public hearing to being cancelled yesterday.  It should be rescheduled at the next meeting.  It was to discuss if need be, a mobile home permit for Any Wilson-Horton.  She’s allegedly looking to place the 28 by 56 foot modular/double wide at 107 East Kearney.

Patrick Scates was approved to close off South Main Cross from 5 – 10pm on the Thursday to precede Corn Day in Carmi (October 10th, 2019).  Scates describes the Farm To Table Event,

“The idea there is there’s just a committee of us that got together and started talking about it.  We’re going to be looking for businesses to donate money to help put it on.  We’re still tossing around how much we’ll charge per ticket, but then the money we raise will go to either 4H or FFA or a school’s community foundation.  It’s just something to promote ag in the city and county.”

Also approved at last night’s meeting was the contractor application for payment for the Waste Water Treatment Plant sludge bed project.

Alderman Jim Totten brought up what he described as Church Street parking issues saying he’s concerned someone will be injured due to the parking on both sides of Church Street namely near and around Nikki Ballard’s salon on South Church Street.  Discussion surrounded it being mainly a problem when folks that park throw their door open not leaving much room for oncoming traffic if vehicles are both travelling up and down the street at the same time.  Chief Jason Carter says if that were to happen, the fault would be on the parked person for not waiting for traffic to subside before swinging their door open.  Council men and women also discussed lengthening the yellow no parking curb paint.  Other alternatives thrown out included adding slow or more stop signs, changing the speed limit, and even not allowing parking on one side of the street.  The last suggestion was quickly shot down with aldermen saying if you start there, you’re going to have to tackle the issue throughout the city as it’s an issue on several city side streets.  Once again, the issue reached an impasse and no action followed.

Work has begun on the tennis courts.  The bid did not include the green coating that gives tennis courts their usual green and reddish tint.  This year, once concrete is laid down, which should be in the coming days, it will be striped and the city will look at coating options after the school’s tennis season, which kicks off on August 26th.  Carmi White County girls tennis will instead host matches on an intimidating black court with white striping which should provide for a unique look.  The cost of the coating is estimated at $29,000 which was not included in the contractor’s original bid.

Resident Jean Michaels also filed a complaint with the city council saying the residence and property that belonged to the late Homer Yates around 805 ½ 6th Street is emitting a morbidly foul stench that is affecting neighbors in the region.  Council members said they are working to track down next of kin so they can move forward with demolition or clean up.

Council adjourned just after 6pm.