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Carmi City Council Discusses Christmas Parade, Santa House, and Approves Wayne-White Ordinance

The Christmas Parade presented by the Carmi Chamber of Commerce will be held on November 30th this year utilizing the same route as in the past.  It’s expected to be held at 6pm as in the past as well.  That we learned at Tuesday night’s Carmi City Council meeting.  It’s also expected the Santa House will be in Carmi beginning November 25th.  We expect dates and times for visits to be made available in the coming weeks.
Council approved ordinance 1552 which allows Wayne White Electric Cooperative to construct, operate and maintain a facility in Carmi.  Mayor Jeff Pollard explains the ordinance:
“Basically that was…I don’t know if you remember but about 2 years back we really didn’t have a guideline of where Wayne White was and where Carmi was at. It’s basically kind of like drawing a line in the sand and saying you can serve this side and we’ll serve that side. So, it’s been through all of us. We’ve talked about it and approved it and it went on to the state and so now we just have to re-approve it, basically where it’s at.”
Also Tuesday night, council awarded the bid for the Industrial Street project to Samron Midwest Contracting, Incorporated and authorized the mayor and City Clerk Cynthia Attebury to sign documents during the project.  The bid was $597,344.40.
Council also authorized a resolution that will assist Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s Horizon Healthcare to open a Carmi Health Clinic at the property where Circus Video once was.  The one time TIF agreement will award the firm a $10,000 grant once the clinic is completed and open.
Finally, the city agreed to pay for materials in relation to the grant that the city has received Marguerite Street Project.  Holly Healy with City Administration/Economic Development says it’s “grant money that the state will send to the City to pay the invoice.”  The total payment according to the contractor’s application for payment comes to $58,661.29.
In reports, the mayor thanked Carmi employees, police, fire departments, and others for their help with Corn Days.