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2016 Corn Queen Candidates

2016 Queen Candidate

Josephine Hubele


Josephine is a ten-year member of the Mad Hatters 4-H club and the daughter of John and Rachelle Hubele of Carmi.


Josephine has enjoyed a variety of projects in the past ten years, but five that stands out above all the rest are sewing and textiles, sheep, visual arts, dairy, and food and nutrition.  Since the age of eight Josephine has taken sewing and textiles, a visual arts fiber, and a food and nutrition project along with a dairy and sheep project for the past eight of the nine years.  Her greatest accomplishment in her sewing project occurred this past year in constructing this evening gown that she is wearing as a Corn Day Queen Contestant.


This past year Josephine has excelled in 4-H Honors.  She received the State 4-H Project Mastery Award and the State 4-H Key Award.  Josephine has received perfect attendance the last eight out of nine years and was chosen as Illinois Delegate for 2015 Citizenship Washington Focus in Washington, D.C.  She has held a position in her 4-H club every year and is also the    4-H Federation President.


Josephine mentions 4-H is a great way to make new friends from different communities learns new skills, and gain leadership and responsibility while having fun.  4-H also provides a way to make a difference in communities in a meaningful way.


Josephine attends Cherry Street General Baptist Church and the Mercy Gates Youth Group.  She has been a member of the Carmi Swim Team for nine years.  She has received four 3rd place and two 2nd place trophies, and one 1st place trophy during her swimming career, as well as have placed in the top six for her age division, allowing her an opportunity to swim at the state level.  In the past, Josephine has completed numerous hours of missionary service with her family in Haiti.  Her favorite works of service include teaching young girls and women how to knit and serving at medical mission clinics.


Then when she is not working on her 4-H projects, Josephine is a dual enrolled student at Southeastern Illinois College with a 4.0 grade point average.  This summer she also attended Commonwealth Honors Academy, a three-week summer program at Murray State University and earned six credits as well as received a yearly housing scholarship for her future years at Murray State University.



2016 Queen Candidate

Laney Cawthron


Laney Cawthron is a six-year member of the Enfield Blue Ribbon 4-H Club and the daughter of Chris and Beth York of Springerton and Cliff Cawthron of Effingham.


In the past six years Laney has taken many projects in 4-H.  Her top projects that she enjoys the most are swine, visual arts, small pets, and cooking.  Laney LOVES pigs and she has one of her projects she made in visual arts fiber in her room.


Her 4-H honors include the Nolan Award, club president for 2 years, club secretary, and Jr 4-H leader for her club.


4-H is special to Laney because it has allowed her to meet new friends and learn how to grow as a person while allowing her to help with her community.


Besides 4-H, Laney is in the NCOE choir and the NCOE chapter FFA member.  Laney enjoys attending church camp and doing things with her youth group at church as well.  Laney also enjoys working on the family farm.



2016 Queen Candidate

Abigail Bryant


Abigail is a ten-year member of the Mad Hatters 4-H Club and the daughter of Brian and Sandra Bryant of Carmi.


In the past ten years Abigail has taken many projects in 4-H.  Her top five that she enjoys the most are photography, visual arts, health, livestock, and cooking.  Abigail has won the Chef’s Challenge and has received many state fair ribbons in photography.


Her honors include the following awards:  Animal Science Award, Agriculture Blue Award, Personal Development Blue Award, Health Award, and the Community Involvement Award.


4-H is special to Abigail because 4-H runs in the family so it means a lot.  Her mother and aunt Sharon were both Corn Queens and showed livestock along with her uncle who was Corn King.  4-H is something I can do with my siblings.


Besides 4-H, Abigail is actively involved in the Key Club where she is president.  Abigail also runs cross country and track.  She is also a high point earner in the Maroon Platoon.  Abigail was also Homecoming Queen, Jr. class vice president, and a member of the 2016 Prom Court.  She is also on the honor roll and has received the 2014 and 2015 Citizenship Award.


2016 Queen Candidate

Caitlin South


Caitlin South is an eight-year member of the Enfield Blue Ribbon 4-H Club and the daughter of Gene and Angelia of Enfield.


In the past eight years Caitlin has taken many projects in 4-H.  Her top five that she enjoys the most are electricity, cat/dog, floriculture, photography, and weather.  Caitlin especially enjoys photo editing because you can turn an ordinary photo into something extraordinary.  She is also fascinated with thunderstorms and tornadoes!


Her 4-H honors include the following awards:  Safety Award, Victory Award, and Health Award.  Caitlin has also had several projects chosen for state fair.


4-H is special to Caitlin because it teaches values and leadership skills that will last a lifetime.  It inspires her to do and try many new things.  Through 4-H she is able to help others in and around her community.  Doing a variety of projects is a challenge that she looks forward to every year.


Besides 4-H, Caitlin is actively involved in the band, choir, jazz band, and pep band.  Caitlin has also participated in volleyball, cheer, and running track.