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Voter Turn-out Impressive

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Voter turn-out in White County was impressive as 58 percent of registered voters here in the county turned out to cast a ballot during Tuesday’s mid-term election.

There are 10,300 registered voters in White County, down since the last election, with a little over 6,000 turning out to vote at the various polling places. Election judges and pollwatchers at all of the county’s polling places said there was a steady flow of voters throughout the day, with some waiting at times.

And while the Democrats won control of the state, locally, voters overwhelmingly approved the Republican candidates. Local voters chose Governor Bruce Rauner over the democratic winner J.B. Pritzker by a vote of 3889 to 1480. They also preferred Erika Harold to the democratic winner, Kwame Raul, voting 4221 to 13ll.

Jesse White, the democratic incumbent Secretary of State didn’t even carry White County, a county he has won in the past. Local voters only cast 2530 votes to Republican Jason helland’s 3213.

Comptroller Susana Medonza, also popular in White County, following her visit to White County after the killer tornado swept through the county several years ago. She only picked u p 1694 votes to the Republican Darlene Senger’s 3865.

Jim Dodge picked up 3981 votes to Democrat Michael Frerichs’s 1554.

Locally, John Shimkus, the District 15 congressman picked up 4407 votes locally, over Democrat Kevin Gaither’s 1444. Shimkus easily won re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives and will return to Washington D. C.