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Citizens and Visitors Preparing for Fight to Keep Access to Maunie Sandbar Open

Citizens are working together to send a message to those who they say want to close or restrict access to an area they love.  A petition has been added online at on behalf of citizens and visitors of Maunie stating they oppose and reject the closure of the public, tax payer funded roadway that leads to the Maunie Sandbar.

According to the petition, out of town outfitters and landowners have made efforts to convince the federal government that the road to the sandbar doesn’t exist and that Emma Township allegedly has no claim to the easement.

A levee and pond that were built with hundreds of thousands of federal tax dollars in wetland development, reads the petition, have been destroyed by flooding.

Organizers say they’ll turn the petition over to legal representation of Emma Township for potential use during litigation to help keep the road open.

Find it at