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Carmi Aldermen Sworn In

Carmi Alderman Sworn In


The Carmi City Council met in regular session Tuesday night with the first order of business; the swearing in of the elected alderman.

Jeremy Courson of Ward One; Mike Knight of Ward Two; and Mark Blake of Ward Three were all re-elected this past March. New alderman Jim Totten was elected to fill the seat vacated by Lance Yearby in Ward Four. Yearby did not seek re-election due to work obligations. Matter of fact, Yearby was not able to attend his last meeting due to work.

Mayor Jeff Pollard, who had thanked Yearby at the last April meeting, once again expressed his appreciation for Yearby’s service.

City Attorney Greg Stewart administered the oath of office to the council men. Following the swearing in, Stewart then explained the Open Meetings Act. He pointed out the “act” is designed to make sure the city does most of its business in the public eye. Stewart pointed out there are reasons to hold an executive session, such as litigation or personnel matters, but other than that, all city business should be done in full view of the public.

tIn other matters, Keith Hoskins was reappointed to the Police Pension Fund Board and Ronda Karroll was reappointed to the library board. Both will serve two year terms.

Council approved a $4,000 request from Grant Gee for façade improvements to Edwards Jones office on Church Street.

Electrical Engineer David Coston spoke at length to the council concerning some upcoming needs in the line, power plant and substation. He pointed out there is a need for a digger truck, explained that was part of the problem last week when the power was out on the west side of town for close to ten hours. Coston reported a contractor had to be brought in because the city didn’t have the proper equipment to complete the needed repairs.

Other needs include completing an electrical loop around the area that was affected last week, that includes Wal-Mart and other businesses in that location.

Coston said the cooling tower at the power plant would likely need to attention in the future and reported work is still to be done at the substation, including putting a breaker on line and purchasing a breaker and switch for the new transformer, which has not been installed at this time. He also reported a need to upgrade the city’s ordinance concerning electrical installations.

The engineer had good news concerning Generator 11. He said at this time it looks as if the insurance will cover the cost of repairs.

Mayor Pollard reminded residents not to throw grass clippings in the street. Chief of Police Jason Carter explained his department has issued several warnings and will issue citations on the second offense.

The mayor also reminded residents they can not leave their old televisions at the Newtown Wire and cable building.

Council went into executive session to discuss personnel and property issues. There was no action expected following the closed session.