Swap Shop

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Swap Shop on these stations is a program where you can buy, sell or give items away.  We have some simple but necessary rules.  We’re happy to provide this free service to individuals, however, no businesses are allowed.  Items can be sold up to a $900 limit.  If you’re asking more for your item, you’ll have to simply ask interested parties to contact you for additional information and pricing.  Guns and ammunition are items we cannot list for sale for you.  You can get your list of items to us in one of many ways.  Regardless of method, however, it’s essential that you neatly and legibly type or print your items on a full size sheet of paper.  Also you must include your name as we are required to read it on air.  You can mail your list to WROY/WRUL Swap Shop, P.O. Box in Carmi, Illinois, 62821.  You may drop your list off at the North Church Street station studios.  You’re welcome to fax a list to us at 382 – 4162.  And you may email your list to us either using the contact us form at wrul.com or by sending it directly to wrul973@frontier.com.  No phone calls are accepted during the program.  You may reach us prior or after the program airs (9:35a – 9:50a Monday through Friday) to let us know your items sold.  Swap Shop is a free service we’re happy to bring you.

For Sale (5/15)

10 Redwood landscape poles 5 dollars each...round table with claw legs and four chairs 250 dollars...medium sized brown couch for 50 dollars. Call Dorothy Pollard at 384-3581.

Wanted To Buy (5/15)

Nice three piece Bistro Set (small table and two chairs). Must be reasonably priced and in good shape! Call Connie Aczate at 265-3201.

Want to Buy (5/15)

I am looking for Polaris  atvs.  Any condition but as complete as possible.  Will pay fair price for the condition.  NO 90cc or 50cc kid quads please.  Will pick up.  Call Brad Hurt at 618-383-2379 or 618-966-2477.

Painting Jobs Wanted (5/11)

I will do any type of painting give me a call at 618-308-0458. Roye Callis

Would like to trade for a TRUCK (5/3)

Trading for a truck:

1995 Pontiac Trans Am with t-tops in good condition. Contact Tom Gilpin at 618-380-2216. It can be seen at 114 W. Kerney.

For Sale (5/3)

Easter bunnies for sale! Will be weaned and ready for adoption a few days prior to Easter. White, black, tan, and speckled bunnies all ten dollars each. Contact Jeremy Conrad at 383-5212.

For Sale (5/3)

10" Speed fugiracing bike for 50 dollars

18" Speed roadmaster mountain bike 50 dollars

20" boys bike 5 speed for 25 dollars

Call Stevan at 618-383-2393.

For Sale (5/3)

5 x 7 2 wheel tilt trailer new tires and 2 spares for 650 dollars.

Southland SHP Rear Tine Garden Tiller never used 300 dollars

Call Louis Roberts at 963-2123.

For Sale (5/3)

1 oak china cabinet with 4 glass shelves-excellent condition for 200 dollars.

1 large rocking chair-excellent condition for 50 dollars.

Phone Alta Welch at 618-378-3051 for more info.

For Sale (4/30)

Easter Bunnies for Sale!
Will be weaned and ready for adoption a few days prior to Easter.  White, Black, Tan and Speckled Bunnies - all $10 each.  Contact Jeremy Conrad at 383-5212

For Sale (4/26)

Handi-cap scooter at 200 dollars; also has two new batteries. Call Dorothy Jones at 382-7140.

For Sale (4/26) and FREE

For Sale : trash barrels 12 dollars each

For Sale : Top knot rooster chickens 12 dollars each

FREE  : To a good home 1/2 pit bull and lab. Good female, house broke, mid size dog at nine months old.

Call or text Jane Miller at 618-384-0115

For Sale (4/26)

Large brown wood table and chairs, good condition for 150 dollars...antique chrome table and chairs for 150 dollars...sleeper sofa never used, very nice for 150 dollars...small pastel sofa for 150 dollars...G.E. Electric range, self cleaning digital timer and clock for 50 dollars...large gas heater, great for a shop for 150 dollars...and a fire place, propane fueled for 150 dollars. Call Dave Stazenski at 618-384-9522.

For Sale (4/24)

Large brown wood table & chairs good condition, $ 150.00
Antique chrome table & chairs, $ 150.00
Sleeper sofa never used very nice, $150.00
Small pastel sofa, $50.00
G.E. Electric range, self cleaning digital timer & clock, $50.00
Large gas heater great for a shop, $150.00
Fire Place, propane fueled, $150.00
Call Dave 618-384-9522

For Sale (4/18)

Sears Kenmore side by side refrigerator, in very nive condition for 235 dollars....Sears Kenmore refrigerator for 150 dollars...Gibson washer and dryer both for 245 dollars...and a 18 cubic foot chest freezer for 150 dollars. Call Horace Inboden at 618-383-1735 or the address is 704 Burrell St.

Wanted (4/18)

Looking for garage air compressor. Prefer 20-30 gallon tank. Dan Bryant : 618-384-2809.