Relay for Life Dodge Ball Tournament

The Crossville Walk’n Roller Relay for Life Team is   announcing that the  2019 Dodgeball  Tournament is March 30th. There are two Divisions. Junior ( ages 14-18) and Adult( ages 18 and up).  At the present time we have two all Girls Teams and it looks like  there is enough interest  among the ladies to create another Division . The registration fee is $75 and each team is allowed 10 members with 6 playing at a time. It is a double elimination tournament . If  interested, contact David Rider(618-383-6739) or Trish Pringle (628-383-1889) to get your registration packet and waivers.

The tournament will take place in the Crossville  Community Gym, which is the Old Crossville High School Gym. There will be concessions, 50/50 drawing, Silent Auction etc. Also this year Brad Cox of Local Yokels is also firing up his grill/ smoker for BBQ sandwiches and BBQ Chicken legs, which are the best things ever. We will also be taking orders  for Pork Loins. A whole loin is $40 and a half loin is $25. We will start taking orders on March 1st by contacting us on Facebook or calling Trish Pringle(618-383-1889) or Brad Cox.  They will be ready on the 30th around 11:00-12:00 in the morning. Each loin averages around 10 lbs. Please bring along a metal pan to place your loin, because they will be juicy. There  is a park right across from the gym so bring your family and make it a fun day.

Mark the date on your calendar and hope to see you there. All proceeds  go to the Relay For Life.