Beall Woods Trail Camera Photo Contest

A bobcat catching a squirrel, an owl swooping down towards the ground, a doe and her twin fawns playing in a creek…. fascinating animal behaviors are captured by trail cameras when we are unable to be in the field. There is nothing like the anticipation of checking your memory cards to see what activity has been taking place. Dig out your favorite photos and enter this year’s Trail Camera Contest at Beall Woods State Park. The contest presents the perfect opportunity for sharing your images with many others who are passionate about the outdoors! Photographs entered into the contest must be from trail cameras. Pictures of people or vehicles will not be accepted. Submissions need to be in original format and cannot be edited or cropped. A limit of 2 photos per person can be entered into each of the following categories: “Whitetail Deer”, “Turkeys”, “Predators”, and “Unusual”. By submitting images, owners give permission to IDNR park staff to post their photos during the Sportsman’s event on September 14th, 2019. Winning photos will be chosen by visitors attending the event. No names or locations will be associated with the photographs. Please bring your photos by the park on Saturdays or mail them to Beall Woods SP, 9285 Beall Woods Avenue, Mt. Carmel, IL 62863. The deadline for submitting photos will be June 1st.  Don’t forget to include your name, unedited picture, category, and phone number. Winners will be contacted by phone after the event. If you have additional questions, call 618-298-2441.