City of Grayville Meeting Recap – Aug 12, 2019

The City of Grayville has a little over 2.2 million dollars in it’s coffers, according to City Treasurer Sharon Walden.  They’ll have less after last night’s spending spree.  The Grayville Days Committee has incurred what one organizer called a ‘terrible blow” in that the contracted carnival won’t be making it to the festival.  This left planners scrambling to find a suitable replacement.  Gravyille Days will instead feature a variety of inflatables and a mechanical bull the committee hopes will suffice to serve as adequate entertainment.  Hand in hand with that, the inflatables will require an electric panel as those units will need up to 20 outlets.  Moreover, donations are down 15-20% and it’s reported that Graville Days costs about $10,000 per day to put on and the committee was forced to ask the City for financial assistance.  David Jordan moved to give the committee $7,500 out of it’s $16,000 balance remaining for the year and the motion unanimously passed.  It’s estimated the price for unlimited inflatable time armbands will be either $8 or $10, down from the $18 per armband the carnival used to charge.  A mechanical bull is also being leased at a cost of $5 per ride.

Police Chief Roy Mann said July was one of the busiest months his department has seen in some time with 267 total calls for service.  Mann says his team worked 25 case files in July including 2 Possession of Meth, 5 Driving while License Suspended/Revoked, 4 Warrant Arrests, 1 Aggravated Battery, 1 Resisting Arrest, 1 Aggravated Battery of a Child, 3 Thefts, 1 Criminal Damage to Property, 1 Criminal Damage to Government Property, 4 Violations of Order of Protection, 1 Curfew Violation, 2 Disorderly Conducts, 2 No Valid Drivers License, 1 Runaway, and 1 Burglary.  There were also 12 City Ordinance Violations (Property Cleanup – 30 year to date now), 15 total arrests, 24 citations issued, 33 warnings, and 4 traffic crash reports.


The 3 Grayville officers covered nearly 3,500 miles in their vehicles during the month as well.  Mann says the city is seeing some success in it’s uptick of city ordinance citations for property cleanup.  He says it’s a slow go, but progress is being made.

Council passed unanimously the motion to purchase a By Pass Valve for the Water Tower at a cost of up to $4,300 from Utility Supply Company.  Water/Sewer Commissioner Tyler Howell made the motion and also says the city’s Well 4 is back online following the July lightning strike that forced the city to ask residents to conserve water.  He says crews are still working on bringing well 5 back online.

The other major expense came in the form of a trailer for the mini excavator.  While proving very useful according to councilman Don Baldwin, he says the equipment is simply too heavy for the trailer they’ve been using to transport it.  Baldwin had priced a used 2017 Gravity tilt 20 foot trailer that will do the trick at a cost of $6,360.  After some hand wringing, council unanimously voted to purchase that trailer.  Baldwin says he’ll pick it up tomorrow.

The Grayville Lions Club is having a bench made and council agreed to allow the civic organization to donate it to the city.  It will be located near the handicap accessible swing.  The Lions Club was also approved to host their annual Candy Day roadblock fundraiser at the 4 way on October 12th with a potential rain date of October 19th.

Baldwin also distributed a copy of a letter to the editor he penned asking for a committee of younger generations suggesting the PTO, Women’s Club, Lions Club or anyone else who wants to be formed with the hope of finding ways to improve the pool, which he calls one of Grayville’s “Gems”.  In addition to volunteers and idea generators, he says he’s also hoping the group can find some money to help with costs whether it be from grants, TIF funds, donations from large businesses and civic organizations.