Carly Pearce is getting “Closer to…” her wedding day and album #2

Carly Pearce is getting “Closer to…” her wedding day and album #2

There are two major events ahead for Carly Pearce in 2019: her wedding to fellow artist Michael Ray and the release of her sophomore album. But so far, the “Every Little Thing” hitmaker isn’t revealing many details about either.

But Carly is willing to open up a little more about album number two.  “It’ll be later this year,” she tells Billboard. “A lot has happened and I feel like more than ever I know my place in this genre and I know where I want to go.”

“I’m more settled than I was on my first record,” she adds. “I had written so many of those songs three, four, five years prior as I was searching to find a place for my music and searching for myself, and I don’t feel like I’m doing that anymore.”

The first single from Carly’s forthcoming record, “Closer to You,” is currently climbing the chart.

You can hear more from the future Mrs. Michael Ray on Billboard’s Chart Beat podcast. While neither the bride or groom have revealed their exact wedding date, Carly has hinted it may be in the fall.

Photo Source: YouTube Screen Capture